If you shopped at WholeFoods you better check your credit card statement

Shopping at #WholeFoods might bite you in the ass…..

The expensive grocery chain, which #Amazon bought for $13.7 billion in June, warned customers Thursday that thieves stole payment card information at several of its stores. The horrible cyberattack hit Whole Foods’ taprooms and restaurants, not stores’ primary checkout lines, the company said, which is still horrible.

These in-store #taprooms and restaurants use a different payments system than the regular Whole Foods checkout. The #hack didn’t spread to Amazon’s payment servers because they’re not connected to Whole Foods’ stores, the company said.

Point-of-sales attacks often target popular chains, according to research. Fast food joints like #Chipotle and #Wendy’s have been hit in the past, with hackers stealing customer #creditcard information, and name and address. #Cybercriminals often look for easy targets to make quick cash, and restaurants, grocery chains have shown they’re simple to hack, and have always been targeted.

#WholeFoods has 449 stores in the US and more than 40 sell beer on tap. It’s unclear how many restaurants Whole Foods has. “While most Whole Foods Market stores do not have these taprooms and restaurants, Whole Foods Market encourages its customers to closely monitor their payment card statements and report any unauthorized charges to the issuing bank,” the company said in a statement.

Whole Foods declined to comment on how many people are affected and which stores were hacked.

The grocery chain said it’s working with a cybersecurity forensics firm and law enforcement to investigate who is behind the attack. Keep your eyes open and stay vigilant.