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On May 18th 1803 210 years ago the primary symbol of Haiti’s independence the flag was created on the last day Congress of Arcahaie,about fifty miles north of Port Au Prince. The revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines creates the flag by taking French tricolor and ripping out the white center. Then sewing the remainder colors together the red on the flag represents the native Indians and the blue represents the African slaves .The flag of Haiti consists of two horizontal bars, blue over red , defaced by a white panel bearing the Haitian coat of arms. The coat of arms depicts a trophy of weapons ready to defend freedom and a royal palm for independence. The palm is topped by the Cap of Liberty. Haiti became an independent country on January 1,1804

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Flag Day took on even more prominence after the January 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. An estimated 300,000 people were killed in the 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which struck near the capital of Port-au-Prince. Hundreds of thousands more were injured or left homeless. May 18th has been observed as the Haitian Flag Day as it has become a symbol of pride, unity, and individual liberty. In Haiti, Flag Day is a major national holiday celebrated with great fanfare on the grounds of the national palace and all cities in the country; also in other countries with a large number of Haitians. In the United States, Haitians give homage to the blue and red flag by carrying it around with them for at least a week. As a matter of fact, the Haitian flag is tightly linked to a history of struggle and freedom.

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