Guy Next Door

​​​​Guy Next Door

He eased her onto the bed, taking her mouth to resolve his carnal need. As he kissed her his hands relieved her of her clothing. Without a fight she let him do as he pleased. This is exactly what she wanted, what she needed. His hands and eyes worked their way up and down her body. She started feeling a little self-conscious under his gaze, so she slowly started to ease herself into an upright position. When she felt his fingers stroke her clit she eased herself back onto the bed, hoping he would continue. Without a word he flipped her over, and put her onto her hands and knees. He got behind her, his pelvis hovering behind her. He slowly inserted the tip of his penis into her vagina. Using his now wet tip he grazed his penis up and down her vagina, hitting her clitoris then inserting his penis back into her vagina. After a few rounds of teasing her, he rammed his dick into her pussy. In total shock she screamed aloud. He grabbed her arms, using them as reigns. This was not what she expected, but she wasn’t complaining. This is more than she thought would happen. The pleasure she was feeling was incredible, moans were escaping her mouth. What the hell is he doing to me? she thought. The pleasure started to become unbearable, but she didn’t want to stop. He had a rhythm going, that made her think he was an expert at this “sex” thing. After a few rams he would reach around to stroke her clit. Each time he did that brought her close to the point she hasn’t seen in a while. “Wait, Stop!!” she screamed. He paused, “I need to catch my breath” she said. He released her arms, and eased up on his stroke, but not completely stopping. After only a minute, he started to increase his speed. She really did want him to give her another minute or two, but what she was feeling caused her not to speak again. He flipped her onto her back, never missing a stroke. He started to pick up the pace. She was close, she wanted this so bad. He knew she was close, so he reaches down to stroke her clit. With the increasing pace and now the stroking of her clit, her breath lodged in her throat. He then pinched her clit, She was right there. As she felt herself begin to climax, she heard this annoying blare of an alarm. She startled awake, sweating and breathing hard. “Damn it!!” she yelled. That was the third dream this week she had of her new neighbor.
She had a small thing for her neighbor. He moved into the house next door to her a few weeks ago. The first time she laid eyes on him it was like the heavens opened up and shined a light on him telling the whole world to look. She had just parked her car into her driveway, when she noticed the moving van. She had always hoped that someone interesting would be her neighbor. As she gathered her belongings from her car she noticed this heavenly being jump out the back of the moving truck. She could see that he was very well built, even with his shirt on. He was Tall, had medium length wavy brown hair, with a closely shaven beard. She wasn’t 100% sure he was her neighbor because there were other people going in and out, but she surely wouldn’t mind if he was.
As she stepped out of the shower she donned her robe and headed into her bedroom to get dressed for work. She was a semi stalker when it came to her neighbor. She would always look out the window to see if she could get a glimpse of him. She knew that sometimes he would take a dip in his pool some mornings, part of his workout regimen she assumed. This particular morning she didn’t have a chance to “stalk” him because she was running a little late. After that intense dream she had it took more time than usual to cool off. She went to her closet, grabbed her clothes and put them on her bed. She opened up her robe to start her ritual of applying lotion to her naked body after a fresh shower. She was just about done when she looked out her window and saw him. He was staring at her naked form. Damn it, I forgot I opened the window after my steamy dream, she thought. She was shocked, and had no idea what to do, so she waved at her audience and closed her window.

Days passed since her neighbor saw her naked. She was trying to avoid that awkward stare or smile. As she pulled into her driveway she noticed that he was on his front porch, shirtless, hammering a nail into the wall. Trying to avoid him she rushed out of her car and into her house. She went straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water, but at that moment decided a glass of wine would work better. That man was gorgeous, she thought. Every muscle seemed to speak to her, begging to be touched by her. “Stop being a child Alexis, he is only a man” she said aloud to herself. Alexis wanted to get to know her new, sexy neighbor for a number of reasons. Standing at 5’7”, Alexis knew her size was just right for him. She guesstimated that he stood at 5’11”, not too tall. Alexis decided to be a good neighbor and welcome him to the neighborhood. So after taking a shower, she decided to make brownies. Everyone likes chocolate, right? After giving herself a pep talk, she walked to welcome her new neighbor to the neighborhood. As she walked up the steps to his front porch, she stopped. Should I really do this? she contemplated, but before she had a chance to turn around her hand reached to ring the doorbell.
​She heard a voice get closer to the door. It’s not too late to walk, no run back home, she pondered. The door opened. There he was, the Adonis. He was on the phone. He looked at her, and told the person on the other end of his line that he would call them back. “Hi” she said.
​John was a little thrown back that his neighbor was at his door, with a container in her hand. After the incident where he saw her naked, he didn’t know how or if he should even bring it up. He figured it would pass, and at the end they would probably be cordial neighbors. He surely didn’t expect her to be at his place. Leaning against his door frame he replied “Well hello there”. She was cute, and curvy. The thought of his hands and lips on that curvy, sexy frame has crossed his mind a few times since he saw what she was working with.
“I want to welcome you, here are some freshly baked brownies” Alexis said as she handed him the container.
“Would you like to come in and join me for a piece? I believe I have some vanilla ice cream to go with these?” he replied.
​The way he said hello, sung to her. That voice of his matched the frame it was attached to. Just from his voice alone she was extremely wet. Alexis quickly weighed her options. She barely knew this man, and here she was considering stepping foot into his house. There he stood in front of her, oozing sex appeal; Smiling at her, welcoming her to his home. She leaped at him, and took his mouth. Damn, I have been waiting for this moment for weeks now, she reflected. The force of her leap caught him off guard and they slammed into his door. He reciprocated the kiss. Putting his arms around her he picked her off the ground, she wrapped her legs around his waist. He walked them into his house, and closed the door with his foot. She halted the kiss and grabbed the hem of her dress to pull it over her head, it fell to the floor. She returned to kissing him, deepening the kiss this time. She heard him moan slightly. He sat her down on his desk. She helped him remove his pants as he pulled his shirt off over his head. He pushed her slightly back so that her back was on the desk. He removed her panties and bra. He stood up, hovering over her. Looking at her; almost examining her. With a satisfied, smug smile he grabbed one of her breasts. Placing the nipple into his mouth he used his tongue to circle around it. Pulling on it slightly with his teeth; making it stand at attention. He repeated the process with the other one. She was squirming underneath him, she wanted to do more than just lay there and take it. After he lifted his head, she raised up with him. She pushed him down onto the chair; she placed herself between his legs. She lowered herself to her knees. She wanted to see what the Adonis was working with. Placing her fingers into the waistband of his boxers, she pulled them down and off. “Wow” slipped from her lips. He smirked and chuckled slightly. He wasn’t huge, but it was impressive and delicious. Can a penis be so delectable that you can’t wait to put it in your mouth, she mused. Wondering if she could fit all of him into her mouth, she lowered her head to get closer. Teasing him, she licked it, and then attempted to move back up to kiss him. She thought she heard him grunt slightly. She returned to her knees to give his penis more attention. Instead of slowly starting, she went straight for it. She placed him into her mouth, all of him. Going at a steady pace, she continued to give him pleasure. Up, down, slurping, humming. With his cock in her mouth she gently massaged his balls. When she got her fill she raised up. Placing her knees on either side of him in the chair, she lowered herself down. He grabbed his dick and inserted it into her cunt. She knew she was tight; it’s been a few months for her, maybe even a year, so she slowly lowered herself so that their pelvis’s touched. Starting slowly, she raised herself then lowered herself. He filled her completely, almost like it was a perfect fit, cliché right. Grabbing her neck he lowered her down to get another kiss. She started increasing her speed. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. He started thrusting to increase the depth, which increased her pleasure. “By the way, what is your name?” she asked. She knew that this was insane. Here she is, having sex with her neighbor and she didn’t even know his name, hell he didn’t know her name either.
“Well” he said, she stopped.
“Your name is Well” she asked.
​“Well, would you like to join me for brownies a la mode” he asked. Alexis was snapped back into reality. Wow, I envisioned all that in 2 seconds. Damn I have it bad, she thought. “Sure” she replied.
As she stepped over the threshold he said “By the Way, my name is John.”
“Hi, John, I’m Alexis”.
“Well it’s a pleasure to have your acquaintance Alexis.”
As she walked into his home she noticed that he had a contemporary/industrial taste with his furniture choices. Steel legged coffee and side tables, soft colored sofa and side chairs.
“This room looks nice and cozy” she commented.
“Thanks” he replied, “my sister is an interior decorator” he added.
As he led the way to his kitchen, Alexis observed from behind. Not his home, but him. Damn even his walk pulls me in, she commented to herself. As they got to the kitchen he placed the container with the brownies on the kitchen island.
“Have a seat”. “So Alexis, how are you doing on this beautiful day?” John asked as he pulled out two bowls. Alexis wanted to say hot and bothered but decided that would be a bad idea.
“I’m good” she replied.
As he prepared the brownies a la mode, they had small talk. The small talk lasted for hours; they laughed and joked with each other. They talked about each other’s jobs, interests, and hobbies. Alexis looked at the clock on his wall,
“Oh my, I need to get home. I have work tomorrow”.
“It is getting pretty late” he stated. “Well it was very nice to meet you Ms. Alexis” he said as he walked her to the front door.
“It was a nice meeting you too, John”.
“I’ll walk you home. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I didn’t know that you made it home safely.” John said with a smirk.
Alexis laughed “You do know that I only live about 20 feet from here.”
“Well than it will be a short walk” John replied.
When they reached her door, Alexis turned around “Well looks like I made it home, thank you for being concerned about my safety.”
“You are welcome Alexis”. John leaned in to give her a kiss on her cheek “Sleep well Alexis and I would love to see that beautiful body of yours again” John stated as he walked down her steps and back to his house.
​Alexis was shocked. The subject of the other night was brought up during their small talk. They both apologized for their parts and they both agreed that they wouldn’t mention it again. Here he was mentioning it again. Of course she was pleased that he liked what he saw, but what did that mean. Would her many fantasies come to light? “Oh I sure hope so” Alexis said to herself as she closed her door and headed to bed, hoping she would have another intense dream. As she reached her bedroom door she decided that a warm bath would relax her enough to get some sleep, and cool her down. She sat in the tub. As the water began to flow, she slid her body down to where the water flowed from the faucet. She placed her legs on both side of it and laid down. She let the water hit her vagina; she readjusted her position to let the water fall directly on her clit. Lying down completely in the tub, she closed her eyes and imagined that it was John giving her the pleasure so sought after. She relaxed her body and let the faucet do all the work, before long her body was ready for release. Feeling spent, she finished getting clean and went to bed.

​John needed a reason to see Alexis again. She intrigued him. She was smart, sassy, sexy as hell, and had a good sense of humor. So he decided that he would rent a movie for the two of them to watch. With the movie, an assortment of berries, and a bottle of wine in hand, he headed to her house. She opened the door wearing workout gear, small shorts that left little to the imagination and a tank top.
“Hey John”
“Hello Alexis. I come bearing gifts”
“I see. What do you have? I see the wine, Moscato D’ Asti, my favorite.
“Well I also have strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Oh yea and About Last Night”.
“Well, come on it. You can place the movie and the fruits on the coffee table. Bring the wine into the kitchen so that you can open it while I get glasses”.
As she led the way to the kitchen, she tried to pull her shorts down in the back as she walked so she wasn’t showing too much cheek, but she failed at that horribly. John followed behind her, admiring the view as he did so. When they arrived to the kitchen, Alexis handed John a bottle opener. She then turned around to grab the glasses from the cabinet. Once he opened the bottle, he looked up to see her staring at him impatiently.
“Finally. I thought you were going to need some help.”
John laughed, as he headed over to where she was standing. He placed the bottle on the counter next to the glasses. Alexis turned around to pour the wine. John stepped behind her and placed a hand on her ass. Massaging it in circular motions. He turned her around, and lifted her to place her on the counter. He lifted her top over her head, he then grabbed one of the glasses. He poured the wine on her breasts and stomach. He then proceeded to lick up every drop. First from her breasts, working his way down. He pulled down her shorts, and moved her panties to the side. Using a finger, he traced around the opening of her cookie. He saw her juices flow, he inserted a finger, then pulled in out and put it in his mouth. Alexis sat up. John grabbed her and placed her onto her feet, sliding her down his body in the process. Alexis grabbed his hand and led him to her bedroom. Once there she pointed to the bed and told him to sit. She walked over to him, removed his shirt, shoes, pants and boxers. Suddenly he heard music. She proceeded to dance for him, removing the rest of her clothes in the process. She got on her knees in front of him. Using a stiff tongue, she licked the underside of his dick. Once she got to the tip she used her tongue to circle around the head. She did that a few times. Then without warning she placed his fun stick into her mouth. Using light suction as she pulled up, and licking as she went down. As she continued, he grabbed her head, he wanted her to continue, but he also wanted to please her. He tried to pull her up, but she refused, so he let her continue her work. The saliva from her mouth was warm, and it dripped down his shaft. She had skills. The music in the background seemed to get louder as each minute passed. He placed his hands on her head again, giving her the tempo he wanted, the tempo that would make him cum. He wanted her to swallow his kids. With the tempo set, John closed his eyes and let her do all the work. He was on the brink, but the music was starting to get annoying. He opened his eyes to see where the remote for the radio was so that he could turn it down. Once he opened his eyes he realized he was home in bed, with major morning wood. Shaking his head, he got out of the bed, turned his alarm off, and then got out of bed. He decided that a swim would help him.

​Finally the weekend was here, and Alexis was ready to relax and maybe get to know John a little better. It was Saturday morning; Alexis had just woken up and heard splashing. She figured it was John, so she went to the window to steal a peek. Just as she went to the window to check an idea popped into her mind. She had planned on doing some baking (Just because) and cleaning but those chores could wait. Seeing John swimming sparked her libido awake, fully. Her vagina was wet and throbbing and she knew exactly how she could quench her thirst.
​About once every 3 or 4 days John swam in the morning to work out and wake himself up before he started his day. Today he had a project due and he knew that the exercise would help his brain start functioning properly. About 10 minutes in he heard the gate to his backyard squeak. He figured it wasn’t closed all the way so he decided that after the swim he would go check. As he turned around to swim back to the other end of the pool he saw a figure standing there. It was Alexis, with a towel wrapped around her body. He swam to where she stood.
“Good Morning John”
“Good morning Alexis”
“Do you mind if I join you?”
“Not at all”
The towel was removed from her frame, and hit the floor. There she was at the edge of his pool in her birthday suit. John smiled, this was definitely a surprise. Alexis walked down the steps and into the pool, she swam toward John. John grabbed her around her waist to pull her closer. She leaned in for a kiss, and he reciprocated. He lured them both to the side of his pool where his spa was. He sat down in the spa and she sat atop him. She began to fill his erection against her vagina. As she kissed him he placed his hand under the water to play with her vagina and clit. He placed his thumb on her clit and placed one, than two fingers into her vagina. He used the fingers inside her vagina to rub against the upper inner wall. The sudden intrusion of his fingers caused her to gasp breaking off their kiss. The sudden gasp made his dick jump. She was very responsive, and he appreciated that. With the continued assault she started grinding on his fingers, helping herself to the pleasure he was giving. She returned to kissing him, with a break every few seconds to moan, buck, and gasp as she came closer to climaxing. With a sudden pinch to her clit she felt herself release all that sexual energy she had for this man, but this wasn’t over and she knew that. He placed her on the seat of the spa and swam to get her towel. He helped her get out of the pool, wrapped her in the towel and carried her into the house. Work will have to wait, I have more pressing matters, John thought, referring to his engorged member. The closest room to the pool was his office. He walked to his office and placed Alexis on the couch. He licked a trail from her collar bone to her pelvis; stopping there he placed a finger on her clit. He worked his finger in a circle slowly, to get her juices flowing again. He noticed her body responding, and her juices flowing again. Once he figured she was ready he began to insert his shaft. “Damn” he mumbled. She was tight, tighter than he thought and very wet. As he slowly inserted himself, he felt her pull back. He stopped her,
“What’s wrong” he said
“It won’t fit” she replied.
“Yes it will, just give it a minute and relax” he stated.
As he felt her body relax, he inched in a little deeper. After a few more pauses he was inserted to the hilt. He sat like that for a few seconds to let her body fully accommodate his size. As he waited he leaned down to kiss and lick her nipples. She ran her hands through his hair. He started to thrust. With the first few thrusts he heard her moan in pain slightly; then he heard moans of pleasure. He increased the speed and depth of his thrusts; he wanted her to take every inch of him and enjoy it. He figure he would have her begging for more after he was done, and he wouldn’t have any problem giving it to her. She started to meet his thrusts, twisting her hips in a semi-circle. He figured she wanted to do more work so, without pulling out, he placed her on top of himself. She immediately started bucking up and down, controlling the speed and depth. He pulled her face down to his. She obliged and started kissing him. As the kiss deepened, so did the tempo of her bucks. He placed a hand on her shoulder to force her to go down more for deeper penetration, she squeaked as she came down. He placed two fingers in his mouth than relocated those fingers to give her clit attention. Her moans increased in frequency and pitch, he figured she was close to climaxing again. The walls of her vagina started clenching his penis, till she exploded, and with her explosion he followed right behind her.
​Alexis was spent. “Well that wasn’t how it happened in my dreams, it was better” she stated.
“Your dreams?” John asked.
She looked at him, then realized that she said that last statement aloud. Since she was caught she decided to spill the beans. She told him about the dream she had that day he saw her naked, and about her daydream when they met.
John smiled inwardly, “Well Ms. Alexis I do believe I can make both of those dreams a reality”. John didn’t tell her about his dreams, but he was sure he would see what kind of sucking dick skills she had.


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