Guilty Pleasure: #4

Some want to learn, some could care less, and some just need a little help perfecting their skill. We are talking about deep throating.

According to deep throating is a form of oral sex performed by relaxing the back of your throat to allow deeper penetration/insertion of a penis. Deep throating for some comes very easy. It doesn’t for me, I have a very sensitive gag reflex, and the slightest touch sets it off. There are a few techniques that can be performed that will improve your skills.
First you must want to do it, if you don’t have that desire to try it there will be no pleasure for either party. Relaxation is very paramount. The muscles in your throat have to be in a relaxed state to accept the dick. Always remember that as the giver you are in control. You control the speed and depth.
​Having a patient partner will always help. He should help you relax, and control those nerves. He should understand that you are learning and to not force the process. If he doesn’t understand then the giver will probably never attempt it again, or he will end up with vomit in his lap which will make him not want to try it again. Let’s say you don’t have that patient partner, or you want your newly learned skill to be a surprise there are techniques you can do to prepare for him.

  1. There are numbing sprays that can be used to help control or completely eliminate the gagging. The spray numbs the feeling in your throat. Which may help you get out of head. You will not feel the cock go down which means you are less likely to gag on it. The spray may also help with the fatigue of your jaw, allowing you to go the distance.
    These next few steps are exercises that will improve your gag reflex, without the use of the spray. These can be started immediately after you read this post.
  2. Breathe deep – Taking slow deep breaths will help ease your nerves. Which in turn will relax that precious throat of yours.

  3. Brushing helps – Stick your tongue out and with your toothbrush brush your tongue. Go further back than you normally would. Find that spot in the back of your throat that will make you gag. Now use your toothbrush to stimulate that area. Start off doing it for five seconds, then stop

  4. Practice makes perfect – Practice step two plenty of times. Start off slowly, go from doing it for five seconds, than go up to ten or fifteen. Stop when you start to feel vomit come up.

  5. Go the distance – Now that you are comfortable with things going down there, try going further back. Remember the idea is to shove a dick down there.

  6. More practice – We all know that a toothbrush isn’t shaped like a penis and the width isn’t there either. So grab a dildo, if you want, try to get one similar to the size of your guy. Practice on the dildo to further improve your skill.

You have the basics. You are now ready to attempt to wow your guy. The act of oral sex is a show. Don’t be afraid of that “one-eyed monster”, as a friend of mine referred to it. That monster is just looking for some attention. Put on a show for him. Show him you enjoy giving him that pleasure. Look him in his eyes as you do it. Hum with the cock in your mouth. Some guys like all the noises associated with swallowing his monster whole. The gagging sound gives off the impression that you are choking on his member, what an ego booster for him. Always remember that you are in control. If you feel more comfortable have your hands ready, so that when he gets the urge to test your limits you are ready to stop him. Having your tongue out and on the underside of his penis will help. Your mouth will not feel overstuffed. It will be messy, but who doesn’t like messy sex.

​​​​….Till next time Loves


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