Guilty Pleasure #2

Good day Loves,

This weeks “Guilty Pleasure” is….Nipple Clamps

Do you like pain? Just a little…enough to get you to the edge, or push you over it.  There is a wide array of clamps. Clamps can be used by women and men. I know some guys who like love bites on their nipples. Because there are so many designs for nipple I will mention a few here to peak your interest.

Let’s start playfully, feathered clamps.  These clamps have soft grips at one end and playful feathers at the other. The feathered end sensually touches the skin of your breasts causing pleasure while the clamps cause slight pressure.

Want to be a little more adventurous, try these “My first Nipple Clamps”. These clamps are small. They vibrate and they light up. Imagine walking around the house in a white tee with these clamps on, tempting your lover with playtime. Drawing their eyes to ponder what is the red light.

Need a little more pleasure or pain. Try weighted nipple clamps. These things have a weight at the end. You can go from 1.75oz of pull to 4.25oz of pull whatever floats your boat.

There are plenty of clamps to go around for everyone. Whether it’s your first time or you are a pro there is a clamp for you, it just takes a little research.  Do you want slight pressure? Do you want to tease the world while you walk around, or just your lover? Do you want them to be slightly pulled by its chain..mmmm sounds like fun.  Nipple clamps are used for simultaneous play, so go have fun with these things. Oh by the way I found a vibrating cock ring with nipple clamps, imagine that guys…

Till next time loves…..

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