Guilty Pleasure #1

Good day loves

I’m going to trying something new. Every week in between my normal posts I will have a “Guilty Pleasure of the Week” post. These posts will range in variety and purpose, but they will ALL relate to sex in some way. Hope you enjoy

This week’s “Guilty Pleasure” is… Super Hung Heroes. These assorted Dildo’s represent Comic book heroes who apparently are Super hung. Who hasn’t had a fantasy about a super hero taking them off their feet? Well now they can. There are currently four heroes who can bring you to that edge.

The Caped Cock (Batman), he is black with an uncut head. He has a 6.6” girth, and 5.4” insertable length.

The Amazing Web shooter (Spiderman), he is red with great web detailing and a curved design which will prove to hit those pleasure spots. He has a 5.5” girth and 5” insertable length

The Incredible Hunk (The Hulk), he is a green monster because of his size. He has an 8.2” girth and 7.6” insertable length.

Rock Hard Man (Iron Man), he is golden in color with armored detailing along a straight shaft. He has a 6.3” girth and 6.8” insertable length.

Which super hero do you drool over? Which one will you take home? Which one will save you?

Till next time loves…..

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