Gucci Mane goes H.A.M on twitter

Gucci Man goes H.A.M on twitter and disses every fucking body. Twitter got people acting out of character. When I read his rant it seemed like a manic episode. He named damn near everyone in the industry, everybody from Nicki Minaj to Ciara to Waka to Jeezy to Rick Ross to Vanessa, the editor in chief at XXL magazine, from Drake to French Mintana, to Tyga to Rocko.Even his homie Keyshia D’oir!
I don’t know if we are making this more than it is, social media is crazy. Or, these are real beefs. All I know is Gucci Mane looks insane…
Check the tweets below







  • kay beyond badd

    I heard his account was hacked

  • Yes we heard the same as well…. But damage was done… People released diss records on Gucci… Tyga responded blasting Gucci…. Most entertaining tweet I think

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