Gucci Mane arrested again… Guns, threats to cops, he is too much….

Gucci Gucci Gucci, he just seems to be on a roll…. Now according to TMZ Gucci was arrested in Atlanta September 14,2013 at 12:05am for gun possession, and marijuana. According to the article a friend of Gucci was complaining about his erratic behavior and flagged down some police officers. When the officers approached, Gucci Mane, 33, who real name Radric Davis threatened and cursed the officers.
Gucci was arrested and taken into custody where he was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession. According to TMZ Gucci was also taken to the hospital as a precaution, hopefully Pysch hospital because all his screws are loose… Gucci seems to have too many demons, y’all stay out buddy way…


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