Grand Opening of CLUB54 StripClub

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June 6,2013 was the Grand Opening of Club54 strip club located 3135 W. Broward Blvd. Club54 was open for the kickoff of game one of the NBA Finals Miami Heat  VS San Antonio Spurs. We needed a new spot and I think we found it. This club has comfortable seating which is very important for females with 7 inch heels. Even though Miami Heat lost the game no one exited everyone turnt up due to all Bad Bitches in the building.  Our waitress Exxxclusiv was super sweet, she definetly took care of us. We also tried out the hookah which was freaking awesome they have separate waitress just to make sure your charcoal stays lit. The bottles were not expensive, very reasonable. I got #dumb hammered on that #Henn.  The skripperz was sexy as hell, I got a couple of dances and almost had to look for the ATM again…… Oh, I know this is very important for the ladies: the bathroom is actually clean, I know it was night one but hopefully they can maintain the cleanliness.

Tonight Friday 6/7/13  BillyBlue will be performing live and hosted by DiamondTheBody and this is the Official Grand Opening. Imma slide in that Bitch real quick tonight……

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This club is Official #Stamped and approved by RoZayJ


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