Get to know “Alter Ego”

AlterEgo, has been perfecting his craft for the last 10 years. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaAlterEgo grew up with a love for music and beat making. As a young boy, he often annoyed his family, having discovered his ear through banging on pats and pans. His passion for beat making and producing developed as he grew older, becoming deeplyinfluenced with rap music and urban culture. As a freshmen in High School, AlterEgo learned the ins and outs of music production and beat making; developing his talent through the use of an old Korg KeyboardAlterEgo continuously received positive feedback from those around him. After many months of positive reviews, AltmerEgo decided to turn his hobby into a career, and dropped out of college. He joined The Remix Project, an urban talent incubator in Toronto, which allowed him to further develop his talents. In 2011, He moved to Miami, joining his cousin in creating music. Through this venture, they caught the attention of Miami based super producers’ The Runners. For the next three years, AlterEgo worked with his cousin and The Runners on numerous projects until deciding to pursue a solo career as a producer.  AlterEgo has since worked with many local Canadian talents, as well multiple Grammy nominated, platinum selling songwriters and producers in order to build a strong catalog of music. Presently, AlterEgo is working on projects for singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie La Rose and Meek Mills.  

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