“Gay for stay” short film 

I read this article today and felt it was very interesting. Read up and let me know what you think:
Earl’s Post Prison Playdate by #RobGailes OBC opens discussion about situations where men indulge in #homosexual activity only while in jail. One character in the film gives his own description of the term now widely known as “gay for stay:” Niggas do what they gotta do. Ya know, if your lady don’t come through and see you, you gotta handle yours… Unless you a sissy you go home, get up with your broad and put that shit behind you.
Wow. Well, as we see in the film below, Earl has kinda sorta reconvened his activity once one of his prison buddies is released and it takes a toll on Earl’s relationship with his girlfriend. Via http://www.ronaldmatters.com/gay-for-stay-short-film-explores-mens-prison-sex-habits

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