Future and Ciara back on

We knew it, Future and Ciara are back together again we knew they couldn’t stay apart for too long … Rumors are they are back together because of their son and not love…. The hip hop community seems happy about their reconciliation. Tmz reported that Ciara feels very strongly about their son needing his father around 24/7, and this probably contributed to them getting back together.

Close friends of Future even confirmed that the couple are even living together again, so now that family is back together to give lil Future Zahir the great future he deserves.

Last month Ciara broke off their engagement because she supposedly caught Future cheating, wow go figure. Who would have guessed Future cheats, child please!! Ciara better know her man and know what he is capable of….

We all agree that there are too many fatherless household so if Ciara and Future are really doing this we are happy for them…. Keep your family Ciara, we are behind you.

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