Fat Trel arrested for passing counterfeit 50 dollar bills

Wow according to TMZ Fat Trel got arrested for passing counterfeit $50 dollar bill but he swears the ATM gave it to him. I don’t know what to believe but I met Fat Trel before and he wasn’t hurtin fa money. 

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Rick Ross’ protege, Fat Trel, got busted for passing off counterfeit bills in a casino, but he says the funny money is just what an ATM spit out to him.

According to the police report … Trel, who’s signed to Rick’s Maybach Music Group, was at a Maryland casino early Easter Sunday morning when he handed over nine fake $50 bills to a pit boss. Cops say the easy tell was matching serial numbers on 8 of the 9 bills.

Fat Trel insists he’s innocent … telling police he got the money from a 7-Eleven ATM in D.C.

The rapper was arrested and charged with possession of counterfeit currency … which means he’s gonna have the Secret Service crawling up his butt soon too. 

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