Chris Brown Update

ChrisBrown_064625Singer Chris Brown Who Recently Faced A Seizure Last Week Was Brought Face To Face With A Judge Again For A Hit And Run Accident. Chris Supposedly Hit The Car And Gave The Victim False Insurance Information, The Victim Claimed That All She Saw Was Tattoos And A Black Hoodie. TMZ Informed The Media That Chris And Victim Came To A Compromise And Dropped All Charges. Chris’s Long Time Lawyer Said That ” The Case Should Not Have Been Filed In The First Place,He’s Being Prosecuted For Who He Is Instead Of What He Has Done.” The Judge Was Not Convinced During The Case Toward What The Victim Said And Let Chris Go.  For Someone Who’s Ready To Put Music Behind Him His Face Is Sure In The Media Alot. Is He Going Through Emotional Stress? Is He Trying To Find His Way? Chris Help Us The Fans Understand What’s Going On.


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