Check Out Bud-LocFrom Miami Fl

Checking Out Bud-Loc out of Miami, FL.

The city responsible for breeding hip-hop heavy hitters like Rick Ross is a make it or break it type of town when it comes to music. So when the “Born to Win” Tour makes its final stop there this July, its performers better go hard or go home.

I have a feeling that none of the tour performers will be going home that night.

The tour performance will be the highlight of the “Weekend in Miami” event July 17-19, presented by J.F.K. Entertainment and Loc Down Entertainment. They are bringing some of the South’s hottest emerging hip-hop talent, including rapper Bud-Loc.

Bud-Loc (pronounced Bud Lock) will represent his hometown of Goose Creek, SC and hope to stir the crowd with his fresh new music. He is set to perform the hit “Cap’n and Countin’” and like his hit “Gud Today,” it’s sure to leave the fans feeling right.

Like a lot of us, life has unfortunately thrown 22-year-old Ramon Baylock some tough blows, but on stage he is Bud-Loc, and he uses the stage and his music as an outlet. This is evident in his song, “Cap’n and Countin,” Bud-Loc chronicles the very real struggles of life in the trap. He highlights how trust, money and greed are a way of life for some, and it is what it is.

On the other hand, “Gud Today” is a club banger that anyone can relate to. The lyrics are a little less spicy, so I can easily see a D.J. putting this in rotation at a graduation party or birthday party. The song breeds nothing but positive vibes, encouraging the listener to “bump your favorite song” because “you know it’s on tonight.” And because you’re feeling so good, whatever happens that night, whether you’re stepping out with the ladies or hanging with fellas, it’s going be epic.

Bud-Loc is no stranger to the music scene. Before becoming a solo artist, he was a member of the group “Streetz Cerdafyde” with cousin/tour mate Young Scrooge da Paperboy, who will also be performing at the Weekend in Miami eventI sat down with Bud-Loc for a little q&a to get to know a little more about this new hip hop artist.

AK: Hello Bud-Loc, thanks for sitting down with me today.

BL: I’m glad to do it.

AK: We already have a little information on you, now is the time to get to know you as an artist. So let’s start with an easy one. What inspires you?

BL: My life. I take things from my life when writing. It could from an argument I had with my ol’ lady to watching my lil girl playing and thinking about what she maybe thinking.

AK: What would you say is your style?

BL: Un-cut. I’m not gonna censor my music. I’m going to give it to you straight.

AK: In what way have you music changed over the years?

BL: Lyrically I’ve really grown.

AK: If you could collaborate with any artist and/or producer who would it be?

BL: London on the track and Kevin Gates for the artist.

AK: Who are your musical influences?

BL: No one really musically but there is so many for how they grind like Kevin Gates.

AK: If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would that be?

BL: Dubai

AK: Well I want to thank you for your time. In closing do you have any shout outs?

BL: Yeah. First I want to thank the whole Loc Down family and everybody who has stuck with us and not flam when the struggle came. All the promoters and supporters like Joe, Doe, Le-lo, TA and Juice on da Beat really had our backs and believed in us.

I enjoyed getting to know this young artist and I look forward to seeing him give his un-cut performance on stage. I would say if you don’t have your tickets yet you need to get them, because this is a show everyone’s going to be talking about. You can follow Bud-Loc on Twitter @Lde_Budloc and on Facebook at Bud-loc Lde Baylock. For booking email or call 678-719-2548.
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