Bill Cosby Accussers Speaks Out


The accuser, identified as Linda, told host Phil McGraw that she met Cosby on a movie set.
“It was a job interview,” Linda told McGraw.
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She then launched into a detailed description of the alleged assault.
“His hand came around to the back of my head and, you know, as I looked up, he was exposing his genitals. He was right in my face,” Linda recalled.
“He had my hair; I don’t want to get graphic, but you know when you’re shocked you go, ‘Oh,’ you open your mouth a little bit, and that was my mistake,” Linda said. “And then he just made this horrible mess all over me.”
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Afterward, Linda said, Cosby told the aspiring actress that he had “blessed” her.
“The hardest part was, he gloated over my humiliation. And he reached into his pocket, he had a big wad of Kleenex, and he started cleaning me up; he was dabbing at me,” Linda recalled. “By this time I’ve closed my eyes, because I really think I’m going to faint. And he said, ‘I’ve blessed you…. #watch #interview #on #billcosby #linda #bill #accusers #drphil #blogger #entertainment #rape #blessed

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