D Wade baby mother out on the streets

How is this even possible??? In 2012 Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade signed to a 10 year, $100 million dollar contract. So, why his baby mother on the streets with signs stating she is homeless…

Yesterday Dwyane Wade ex-wife Siovaughn was photographed in the streets of Chicago. Siovaughn was found sitting in front of the Daley Center with signs that said that she’s basically homeless. But remember this comes after she filed a million dollar lawsuit against Dwyane Wade stating that he owed her money from his endorsement deals. But she dropped the suit because she had no grounds to file..

Everyone seems to be laughing at her misfortune but I really feel bad… She held him down throughout his career and its an ugly look for Dwyane Wade… She lost her kids, Gabrielle Union is flaunting her ex husband around… I don’t know about this y’all, this ain’t sitting right…..
Imma pray for this one…









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