Alicia Gali was an Australian employee of hotel chain Starwood in the United Arab Emirates when she was brutally attacked. During a normal evening at the hotel bar , Alicia drink was spiked. Gali immediately became unconscious  was then raped by her own colleagues . Alicia then came to with four broken ribs and multiple wounds. Alicia immediately checked into the hospital and reported the brutal crime. Seems like Alicia did what any woman would do after being raped immediately report the incident. But due to Alicia location United Arab Emirates law, a rape conviction is only possible if the rapist confessed(which is highly unlikely) or four Muslim males give testimony against the accused. Without receiving confession from the rapist or four muslim males give testimony against their brother, Alicia found herself charged with a crime: sex outside of wedlock. She was found guilty and spent eight months in a UAE prison as punishment for her “crime”. Alicia is now freed from prison after serving for a crime that was committed against her.



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