Artist to Watch Out For: Rollie Santana – No Exchange

Rollie Santana (born Rhalexis Robinson: 19 October 1996 in Hattiesburg Mississippi) is a female rapper emerging as the new sound of hip hop. Growing up in she was surrounded by music of all genres, with her father being a popular local dj, which influenced her love for music. She was a very attentive student/athlete throughout her middle school and high school years, playing basketball and earning all A’s and B’s, but it was her love for language arts that led to her career choice. She began writing poems, short stories, and later the lyrics that would inspire her to freestyle and perform for her classmates who were in awe. With this new found inspiration she was set to begin her music career but things took a turn for the worse.
Like so many other families in the Gulf regions, the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina forced her and family to move to Decatur, GA then later to Cartersville, GA where she finished her high school studies. What seemed like a tragedy was a blessing in disguise. Her Mississippi musical roots, merged with the diverse Atlanta sound, gave Rollie Santana a unique blend of hip hop that has allowed her to differentiate herself from other artist.
Now as an independent artist Rollie is working non-stop to build her musical talents as well as her brand. Working to become a better songwriter, artist, and businesswoman is her main focus. By the looks of things she’s well on her way

Rollie Santana 

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