Arsenio Is Fed Up With Kanye!


Arsenio spoke out recently in regards to the Kanye appearance on the Breakfast Club where he used Arsenio getting fired from his show years ago to prove his point of us being enslaved to social perception. Arsenio lashed back out basically telling Kanye not to  use him as an example for his rants and that he was never fired from his show for being to turnt up as Kanye put it. He also went in on Kanye using the slave word in his music when he chose to be in this industry and is not enslaved to anyone. Arsenio was another person that was thrown into one of Kanye rants. We all know that no one has all the answers Kanye! Stop being so ungrateful for where life has put you in life a million other people would love to be in your place with all the answers or not. Check out the Breakfast Club Interview and the response from Arsenio Hall.

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