Ardent Dreamer

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Ardent Dreamer

Kama Sutra: A Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure. There are many books and many websites that explain all about Kama Sutra and the positions. Need some spice in your life, or just want to try something different, try Kama Sutra. There are many positions; each one serves a different purpose. Some positions require great physical skill, so be forewarned that you make wake up sore, but I’m going to start you off slow and easy. Everyone likes oral sex, don’t front you know you do, whether it’s receiving or giving.

The position that I will tell you about today is “The Ardent Dreamer”.

Early in the morning, a mistress gazes upon her sleeping lover. His sleeping form, lacks strength and power. But, beneath the sheet, his penis is ardent and erect, a sign of his virility. What is he dreaming about?

Lightly touch the erect member, gaze upon its glory. You want to get him starting his day off great. Lightly brush your lips upon it, flick your tongue up and down it. Your lover is still in deep sleep, but starts to stir a little. Put the now firm Glory in your mouth. Awaken him from his slumber; hear his moans as you bring him to the brink. His body writhes in pleasure……..How does it end? You decide. Do you want penetration, reciprocation, or do you just want to please him? Be aware some guys may not like this due to their bladders being full, and their urge to urinate screams over the pleasure. Or maybe that was my experience…

………Till next time Loves

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