Another UNARMED Black Man CharlesKinsey was SHOT while begging NorthMiami Police NOT TO SHOOT his autistic patient, Rinaldo. 

Another UNARMED Black Man #CharlesKinsey was SHOT while begging #NorthMiami Police NOT TO SHOOT his #autistic patient, Rinaldo. 

Rinaldo escaped the MacTown Panther Group Homes & was blocking traffic near Northeast 14th Avenue & Northeast 127th Street as he sat in the middle of the street, playing with a white toy truck. 

His behavioral specialist, a Black man named Charles Kinsey, went to retrieve him. 

POLICE FIRED 2-3 SHOTS, striking Kinsey once with a bullet in the right knee, exiting his upper thigh. 

Kinsey’s attorney working out SETTLEMENT with the city, asks for cop to be FIRED
Officer who fired the shot is 30 year old #Hispanic male who was once on the #SWAT team & has been with North Miami PD for 4 years.
Cop has been placed on administrative leave, as usual.
He issued an APOLOGY, saying he was AIMING AT RINALDO, the autistic patient, BUT handcuffed Kinsey after he was shot.
Cop THOUGHT Rinaldo was drawing a weapon.
Ronald was blowing on his white toy truck.
Police union rep asks that we have SYMPATHY FOR THE COP, as being a police officer is hard.

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