A story of Compassion 

I read this story on Facebook and it literally made me cry, I thought I should share:
I’m my brothers keeper. This young man you see here in the before picture. He been living on the street underneath a broken down car in Mibalé, (Haiti).

He does everything there; he sleep, bathe, and he use the restroom there #1 and #2.

He’s been living there for several months.

We bring food to him twice a day and every time we feed him it’s never enough.

The best thing that would be good for him is to remove him from this awful conditions he’s in unsafe and unsanitary.

It’s by the grace of God we found an opportunity to remove him from the street. We able to rent a room for him and pay someone to take care of him and provide to his needs. When we went to remove him from underneath the car we had a chance to bathe him, brush his teeth,dress him as clean as possible.

The best part of this is knowing that sleeping in the street is finish for him. The rain will stop falling on him.

I adopted him as my little brother for life.

You know when God is speaking to you.

Keep your confidence /trust in prayer O.K.!

Compassion is Always a Big Weapon.

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